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Anything to help you stand out from the crowd in an intense job market is a good thing. That’s where we come in!  A digital resume is a simple, often single-page website made to show off the best of your talents and abilities for potential employers. We love them especially for clients in the entertainment industry who have music or videos to share.

You’ve worked so hard to get an education and hone your craft. So don’t waste any time in getting yourself out there for prospective employers. Sign up for the SRM Media Digital Resume Kit, and receive a unique single-page website as well as a year of hosting and management!

Why is The SRM Digital Resume Starter Kit different than anything else out there?

Other than the fact that we’re a small business (which means more specific care is put into your project), we can do everything for you! Digital resumes and personal websites are becoming standard requirements for many jobs. However, getting started can be difficult for a hard working individual. Often you have to purchase a domain from one site, then hosting from another. To really put yourself over the edge you need an e-mail address and top-notch design. Talk about a lot of time and money spent! With SRM Media, you have everything in one convenient place, someone who is willing to answer questions, and a designer to get your information looking just right!


I’m sure you’re wondering what all is included in this awesome Digital Resume Starter Kit …


  • Domain Name of Your Choice (we’ll ask for three options in case one is unavailable)
  • Hosting and Management for One Year (with the option of upgrading to three)
  • One Unique E-Mail Address (most customers choose ” firstname @ your-resume . com”)
  • Choice of Resume Color Scheme (we have several options to select from)
  • Information Implementation (includes incorporating the information you’ve given us into a functional layout)
  • Text Name Logo (if you do not already have one)
  • $75 for one year

Additional Add-On Options

  • Additional Pages, Business Card Design, Social Media Designs

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